About Leonie Sinclair


B.Sc.(Uni of Melb), Dip. Ed., Grad. Dip. Psych. (Uni of Melb), M. Gestalt Therapy (La Trobe Uni)

Leonie Sinclair, Psychologist

Leonie Sinclair, Psychologist

I have been a registered psychologist for over 30 years. I began private practice in Carlton in 2004, prior to relocating to Perth in 2008. I returned 'home' to Melbourne in 2015 to be closer to friends and family.

When in Perth I joined the Mount Lawley Counselling Centre where I established a successful private practice incorporating the broad range of skills acquired over a long career. I gained expertise in couple's counselling and sex therapy. I am interested in the challenges of fulfilling sexual expression within relationships, including supporting women and men with low libido, sex or pornography addiction, and fidelity issues. I am an experienced counsellor of same-sex attracted adults and couples.

For much of my career I worked in schools in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I trained teachers in stress management, conflict resolution and other workplace health issues. I supported children, parents and teachers with family and classroom management issues. I developed and ran many psychotherapy groups for children, and developed expertise in counselling adolescents. I was involved in critical incident debriefing and trauma counselling.

After completing my Gestalt psychotherapy training in 2003 I shifted my focus to adult mental health and wellbeing. Underpinning all my work is empathy, compassion, and a deep concern for people's struggles. I am interested in Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness, and endeavour to not expect anything from my clients that I would not ask of myself. I have an ongoing interest in my professional and personal self development.